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Powergate III

Powergate III


The only palm-sized device equipped with touch screen, and the ability to fully customize the tool to your company. Powergate3 gives you the ability to read and reprogram the ECUs of the main transport vehicles.

New design and Improved Technical Features

Increased benefits from the increased screen resolution; more powerful processor and increased memory. All of this POWER in a compact design that fits in the palm of your hand (140g-5oz. and 20mm-3/4” thick).

Touch screen provides an intuitive step-by-step walkthrough that will give your customer the confidence and security that they own the industry’s most powerful tool at their fingertips. The increased memory will allow up to 5 different files to be stored in the device simultaneously.
  • Details

    Powergate III is the true TUNING box which can make all the changes on your original ECU according to your modification on your cars, instead of flashing canned programs "One Map for ALL" application. It fully releases the power and utilizes the money you have spent on other modification.

    Magtech will provide the first Dyno Tuning with the Powergate III, and online support if you have further modifications which need a new appropriate ECU mapping.

    Suitable for most of the European Vehicles as well as Japanese like Nissan and Toyota. Please call for details
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