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Fuel/Ignition Controller

Fuel/Ignition Controller

AEM’s F/IC allows racers to retard ignition and deliver accurate amounts of fuel to aftermarket forced induction race engines without the need for outdated FMUs or “boost hiding” controllers. This system works parallel to the factory ECU on OBD-II-equipped race vehicles with non-factory forced induction systems with or without variable cam timing and prevents tuning limitations due to complex factory timing patterns.

•F/IC-6 supports up to 6 low impedance inj and 3 timing (cam/crank) channels
•F/IC-8 supports up to 8 low impedance inj and 5 timing (cam/crank) channels
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    The F/IC intercepts the signal to the stock injectors, allowing the user to modify pulse-width by +/-100%. The F/IC is among the only piggy-back systems that can decrease injector pulse-width, allowing the user to drive larger aftermarket injectors while still maintaining proper air / fuel ratios. This powerful system can also tap into the factory injector signal and work independently to drive up to six (6) additional injectors.


    The F/IC can retard timing from the factory system based on engine RPM and load inputs. This is achieved by intercepting and delaying the outputs from the cam and crank position sensors to the engine- with no adverse effect on applications equipped with variable cam timing.


    The F/IC can also be used to recalibrate / clamp the MAF sensor, eliminating common problems with non-boosted factory MAFs. The on-board MAP sensor allows for proper fueling in boosted conditions.


    Since the F/IC works in conjunction with the factory ECU, late model-vehicles equipped with a CAN-BUS system retain functionality of climate controls, dash and other components on the network.
    •Configurable load and RPM break points
    •Modify injector pulse-width by +/- 100%--drive larger aftermarket injectors and maintain proper AFR!
    •Drive up to 6 additional injectors
    •Drives high- or low-impedance injectors with addition of AEM Peak & Hold Injector Driver
    •Retards timing based on engine RPM and load inputs
    •“Clamp” the MAF for proper fueling in boosted conditions
    •On-board 41 PSIA (25 PSI boost) MAP sensor
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